One Fish caught out of a barrel of thousands. We have a long way to go.

Voters cast their ballots on Election Day November 04, 2008, at Centreville High School in Clifton, Virginia. Americans crowded polling stations Tuesday to vote in their historic election, with front-running Democrat Barack Obama seeking to become the first black US president and Republican rival John McCain battling for a comeback.

Comment: The Left will do whatever it takes to win in the upcoming election. The only reason Trump won in 2016 was because NOBODY expected him to win and, the Hillary campaign was basically hoodwinked by false polling results. Rest assured, they will be fully prepared this time around!  Hopefully, so will the supporters of freedom. The covid virus has exposed the incompetence and outright tyranny of blue state governors as well as  leftists pols  in general. Their current actions are only a preview of what is to come should the Soros  and billionaire elitist funded Left prevail.


BOMBSHELL: Election Official Rigged Election Results For Democrats, Constituted ‘Significant Percentage Of The Total Votes,’ DOJ Says

By  Ryan Saavedra

United States Attorney William M. McSwain announced on Thursday that Domenick J. DeMuro, a Judge of Elections in Philadelphia, has been charged with and pleaded guilty to stuffing ballot boxes over the course of several years with fraudulent votes for Democrat candidates in federal, state, and local elections.

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MSM experiences a great awakening!

Comment:  Those of us who had the Schiffster pegged from the beginning are now fully vindicated.  He cannot survive the attacks from the MSM, who are now in full jilted lover mode after seeing undeniable proof that they were being played for star struck lovers. Of course, the left leaning MSM, being a de facto arm of the Dem party, did not exactly practice real journalism by digging for the facts, thereby allowed themselves to be the perfect giddy shills for any lie that came their way. Sooner or later, the truth behind this travesty will emerge.  When it does, there will be a well deserved world of hurt for all of the participating bad actors..


WSJ, Other Media Outlets Rip Adam Schiff, Say His Lies ‘Damaged America’

The Democrats resident liar in chief, House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff has been exposed as a liar and it was the mainstream media that did it.

For months Schiff promoted the idea that there was evidence of collusion with President Donald Trump and Russia.

Many in the media had him on their shows as he used this lie to advance his own career and make himself a star.

But now that he has been exposed as having known from the start that there was no evidence of collusion, the same media is hammering him.

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A harbinger of things to come?

Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic game for a birthday party. Stock Vector - 44731950

Comment: Let us hope that the leftist Dems, like sheep, continue to follow their leadership’s obstructionist  policies which lead right into the abyss.  They have been warned by the more sane members of their own party of the possible consequences of their irresponsible behavior.

Trump beats Pelosi and Democrats in first two COVID-era U.S. House races

The president scores in Wisconsin and California.

President Donald Trump scored two proxy victories in Wisconsin and California on Tuesday as the mainstream media, with the noted exception of Fox News, ignored the wins to keep their base in the dark regarding the GOP and Trump victories. These triumphs, in the middle of the virus crisis, show the still strong pull of the president and his policies. Read more

Dan Bongino: Make no mistake – liberals, & their media sycophants, know Obama was the most corrupt president in US history.

Comment: Streams of documents with evidence substantiating what we already “knew” are now being made public, more or less. Of course, we all know that, to leftists, facts do not matter, and there are elements in the MSM, that will put their own spin on said facts in an effort to debunk them. Never the less, the truth is the truth. Period.

Tom Fitton: SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE Barack Obama was at the center of Trump/Flynn targeting #Obamagate

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Another ride careening down the highway to the Dem abyss of falsehoods, hidden agendas, and outright treachery.

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 30: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) answers reporters' questions during her weekly news conference with House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) at the U.S. Capitol April 30, 2020 in Washington, DC. While she and Democratic House leaders are not going to reconvene next week due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she said committee chairs are working on the next piece of economic rescue legislation. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Comment: After the impeachment debacle, will anybody be able to believe anything that this group of truth twisters/prevaricators puts out?  What Is Pelosi thinking? Of course that question assumes that she has a functioning brain.


Nancy Pelosi Appoints Only Democrats To House Select Coronavirus Committee

By  Emily Zanotti

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has appointed seven Members of Congress to her House Select Coronavirus Committee, designed to “oversee” how the White House spends the money allocated for coronavirus relief in the CARES Act, passed last month — and perhaps to no one’s surprise, the committee has only Democrats.

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Five hard facts ignored by those advocating for continued near-total lockdown.

Comment: Many felt the draconian measures implemented from the beginning were a manipulation to serve a hidden agenda. As time passes and the decrees continue, many are beginning to agree with them. Readers can draw their own conclusions.

The data is in — stop the panic and end the total isolation

The tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be entering the containment phase. Tens of thousands of Americans have died, and Americans are now desperate for sensible policymakers who have the courage to ignore the panic and rely on facts. Leaders must examine accumulated data to see what has actually happened, rather than keep emphasizing hypothetical projections; combine that empirical evidence with fundamental principles of biology established for decades; and then thoughtfully restore the country to function.

Five key facts are being ignored by those calling for continuing the near-total lockdown.

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Yes, China is an important Globalist player

Comment: The following post, although a bit long, is extraordinarily informative and well worth the time it takes to read.


The Ugliest China-Globalist Scheme Yet

By Robert A. Taft and Willa Kindt Zens

China is critical to globalists, from the United Nations to top corporations, open-border Democrats to Hollywood, the NFL to the NBA. With its 1.3 billion people, expanding middle class and relatively cheap labor and materials, that nation is critical to globalist economic aspirations. Globalists are critical to China because unwittingly they advance China’s need for power and world domination.

While their global visions don’t mesh, they need each other to dethrone nationalist Donald Trump, who is on the cusp of winning reelection in the Fall. For the past three years elite globalists and the Chinese have watched helplessly as the nationalist Trump has succeeded at every turn. Consequently China and globalists have formed an alliance to accomplish their goals. On the one side are corporations; foundations; the World Bank; the Bank of International Settlements, which is the central bank of most national central banks; the International Monetary Fund; and of course the United Nations. They want to establish a “new world order” where one central government with unlimited power controls the masses and global wealth. On the other, China just wants their power to grow with the misguided help of globalists.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but COVID-19 has provided a solution that accommodates both parties. It is the most diabolical, most lethal project of Hegelian Dialectics ever engineered.

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Another Benedict Arnold

White House Official Mocks John McCain: 'He's Dying Anyway ...

Comment: He was into treachery way further than his supporters ever dreamed.  He took them for fools.


Judicial Watch: Emails suggest Obama FBI knew McCain leaked Trump dossier

From Judicial Watch:

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it received 138 pages of emails between former FBI official Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page. The records include an email dated January 10, 2017, in which Strzok said that the version of the dossier published by BuzzFeed was “identical” to the version given to the FBI by McCain and had “differences” from the dossier provided to the FBI by Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and Mother Jones reporter David Corn. January 10, 2017, is the same day BuzzFeed published the anti-Trump dossier by former British spy Christopher Steele, The emails also show Strzok and other FBI agents mocking President Trump a few weeks before he was inaugurated. In addition, the emails reveal that Strzok communicated with then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe about the “leak investigation” tied to the Clinton Foundation (the very leak in which McCabe was later implicated).

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The Enemy Within continues to exert its power.

Declassified Info: DOJ, FBI Knew Trump Surveillance Was Based On Russian Disinformation

Comment: The following post unveils the truth regarding the chicanery that the ensconced shadow government stoops to, not just against Trump, but undoubtedly had done so against past presidents and will continue to do so against future ones.  It is evil incarnate and must be destroyed.

Declassified Info: DOJ, FBI Knew Trump Surveillance Was Based On Russian Disinformation

by Margot Cleveland
These facts establish the FBI used Russia’s meddling with the 2016 election as a pretext to investigate Donald Trump and the special counsel’s office was complicit in this ploy.

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Speaker Pelosi’s Marie Antoinette Moment

Nancy Pelosi: House Royalty demanding to be "Queen of Senate"

Comment: Will she end up like Marie Antionette?


Jobless claims reached 22 million over four weeks due to the lockdown, which is now at Great Depression levels, and Americans are on lines at food banks, even in Boston. On that note, Nancy Pelosi had her Marie Antoinette moment. Standing in front of extremely expensive freezers/refrigerators ($24,000), she bragged about her many tubs of Jeni’s ice cream which costs $13 a pint.

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