Democrats mask their true nature


Over the last several decades, politicians who identify themselves as Democrats are lying to themselves and the American people. The only honest Democrat in Washington DC is Sen. Bernie Sanders, and I say that only in reference as to what he really is – a socialist.

Socialism thrives only when the religious foundations of the people have been destroyed.

America’s Framers relied upon the Bible for many of their laws. They quoted from the Bible more than from any other document, in the formation of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution along with many of their letters and writings.

In 1892, Supreme Court Justice Josiah Brewer, wrote that America was indeed a Christian nation. It was part of the decision written in the case of Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States. The decision listed 87 examples taken from pre-Constitutional documents, historic practice, colonial charters and more when Brewer wrote:

“There is no dissonance in these declarations. There is a universal language pervading them all, having one meaning; they affirm and reaffirm that this is a religious nation.  These are not individual sayings, declarations of private persons: they are organic utterances; they speak the voice of the entire people.” (470)

“If we pass beyond these matters to a view of American life, as expressed by its laws, its business, its customs, and its society, we find every where a clear recognition of the same truth. Among other matters, note the following: the form of oath universally prevailing, concluding with an appeal to the Almighty; the custom of opening sessions of all deliberative bodies and most conventions with prayer; the prefatory words of all wills, “In the name of God, amen;” the laws respecting the observance of the Sabbath, with the general cessation of all secular business, and the closing of courts, legislatures, and other similar public assemblies on that day; the churches and church organizations which abound in every city, town, and hamlet; the multitude of charitable organizations existing every where under Christian auspices; the gigantic missionary associations, with general support, and aiming to establish Christian missions in every quarter of the globe. These, and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utterances that this is a Christian nation.” (471)

Yet, a mere 60-years later, the US Supreme Court declared that America was NOT a Christian nation. Today, Christianity is openly bashed and persecuted, especially by LGBT activists which are taking over some control of America.

Socialism thrives only when the traditional family unit has been undermined and destroyed, since it is one of the strongest moral and conservative structures in society. In today’s America, marriage has been redefined and many families are dysfunctional with missing fathers or mothers. Divorce is rampant and sex is no longer a sacred relationship reserved for a husband and wife.

Socialism thrives only when the government controls most industries and the majority of people work for government controlled or owned companies. Obamacare had nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with forcing a socialist program on the American people and the government’s control of the healthcare system.

Socialism thrives when the majority of people are financially struggling, living paycheck to paycheck or at or below poverty level. Barack Obama is a socialist and under his eight years of leadership, the number of Americans living at or below the national poverty level drastically increased. The number of people relying on some form of government assistance also reached an all time high. The gap between the wealthy few and middle/lower class people grew wider.

Socialism requires the brainwashing of the students to believe in socialism and that’s exactly what has been happening in America. A survey conducted about a year ago revealed that 44% of millennials preferred socialism over capitalism. This also explains why so many younger adults identify themselves as Democrats, because virtually everything the Democratic Party stands for is some form of socialism.

This is also the underlying motive behind the huge push for more gun control and even talk of a total ban on privately owned firearms. A socialist government cannot allow so many citizens to be armed with the possibility of a violent overthrown of their slavish socialistic form of government.

The Democratic Party is a lie. If they were honest, they would rename it the Socialist Party, but as long as they continue to deny they are socialists, they are lying to themselves and the American people. If they are lying on this one issue, then everything else they stand for politically is a lie also.

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Trump and his sh*thole remark: the story nobody is talking about

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The following post is food for thought:

Trump and his sh*thole remark: the story nobody is talking about

(Assuming Trump made the remark as reported—he denies it)

By Jon Rappoport

You’re not a terrorist.

You aren’t trying to emigrate.

You aren’t a refugee who refuses to assimilate, who feels entitled to abuse his wife in any way he wants to, for any reason.

You’re not a member of the vicious MS-13 gang.

You’re not involved in child sex trafficking.

You’re not making anchor babies.

You’re not a pirate, a kidnapper, a street thug, or a drug dealer.

You’re one of the millions and millions of people who simply live out their lives where they are. You represent a FAR larger population than all the above categories put together.

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Is our former Chief Executive clearly engaging in sedition?

Even before the 2016 election, the previous president had engaged in the pursuit of building a foundation for a shadow government.  He had worked for eight long years to transform America into a weakened nation ripe for the globalist picking. Had Hillary won, eventually America would have been easily stuffed into the elitist NWO bag.
When she shockingly lost, Barack and his handlers were not about to absorb any losses by honoring the American tradition of a peaceful transfer of power.
Ole George began funding the likes of Antifa’s rioting and disruption while his puppet engaged in organizing “educational activist” groups such as OFA, which is explained in Dr. Krauthammer’s article below.
One very obviously disloyal action is BHO’s shadowing the current president on every foreign trip in order to, not so subtly at times, undermine his presidency.
The first brief article below defines sedition and makes the case for an investigation into Barack’s activities.
The second is a very concise and informative article by Charles Krauthammer which lays out the very real and present danger of the prior president’s activities. It is well worth the entire read.

Sedition! Barack Hussein is guilty of many counts and the investigation into his treasonous activity must begin NOW! Read more

WSJ drops truth bomb! FBI collusion as agency America “interfered in a presidential election”

WSJ drops truth bomb! FBI collusion as agency America “interfered in a presidential election”
More troubling evidence of election meddling at the bureau…

Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation is unravelling at record speed, with mass corruption, partisanship, and vitriol hate for Trump discovered among Mueller’s top agents and investigators.
This has prompted the The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board to post an article entitled, “The FBI’s Trump ‘Insurance’”, which outlines how the real election collusion had nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with the FBI. Read more