Two Fem Nazis get a taste of Islamic intolerance — Ares and Athena

Will leftist women EVER wake up as to what they are supporting? Well the two ladies above found out the hard way. Two feminazis crash a Muslim conference with predictable results by Thomas Madison September 21, 2017 islam Islam is predictable. We all know that. Feminazis are not very smart. We all know that. So, […]

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Former Prez just another two faced, hypocritical, self serving, greedy pol — Ares and Athena

Those who saw through the Golden One will not be surprised at all with his post presidential romance with the very fat cats he excoriated while in office. However for those who truly believed in him and still do, this development will be devastating. There are those who will remain in denial and illogically scream […]

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Elites manipulating leftist violence to provoke Conservative violence in order to force Martial Law? — Ares and Athena

Many have believed and have come to believe that the following is the precise elitist strategy. Ultimately, the manipulated lefties will be thrown to the wolves when the desired level of chaos has been reached. Martial law will be enacted. The general populace will welcome the restored stability. The restoration of law and order under […]

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The real reason why Susan Rice was spying on Trump officials — Ares and Athena

Getting to the truth takes time. Unfortunately, time is often an enemy in the war of words. By the time the entire scope or true agenda behind any action is unveiled, the the public and scurrilous MSM have moved on and the issue is considered to be “old news”. Here is an critical excerpt which […]

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The latest post from the United States Illegal Alien Crime Report

You may have already heard about this one. This site contains a treasure trove of crimes committed by illegals. Do we really think they have the right to remain in the U.S.

Indian National Recruits His Parents To Assault His ‘Disobedient’ Wife
September 8, 2017 HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL (Fox News) – Florida police rescued an Indian woman Saturday who was beaten by her husband and his parents who traveled from India to help assist him with the assault.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said Silky Gaind, 33, called her parents in India to tell them of the abuse. They then called the authorities.
Police said Gaind was being held in the Riverview home by her husband Devbir Kalsi, 33, and his parents Jasbir, 67, and Bhupinder Kalsi, 61, who traveled from India to help their son “counsel and discipline his wife for being disobedient” after he asked for their assistance, according to Fox 13.

When a deputy arrived at the residence, no one responded to a repeated knock. Then Gaind attempted to open the door and screamed for him to help her and her 1-year-old daughter.
The deputy forced his way in despite Kalsi trying to keep the door closed. While the deputy started to handcuff Kalsi, his parents confronted the officer, according to the Tampa Bay Times.
Kalsi and Gaind argued Friday night where he battered her “repeatedly and forcefully,” according to the arrest report. Kalsi’s parents started striking her after Gaind attempted to defend herself. The infant was accidentally struck in the face while Gaind was holding her during the attack, the report stated.
Kalsi was threatened with a knife by Jasbir Kalsi. After the incident, Gaind was locked in a room and her cell phone was taken from her.
“Awful, nobody should go through that,” an unidentified neighbor told Fox 13. “It really is heartbreaking. There’s a brand new baby. But who beats their wife up and his mother and dad help him? Who does that?”
Devbir and Jasbir Kalsi may face “charges of false imprisonment, child abuse and denying access to 911,” according to the Tampa Bay Times. Devbir Kalsi also could face felony battery charge, and Jasbir Kalsi was accused of “aggravated battery with a deadly weapon,” the paper reported. Bhupinder Kalsi could face “charges of battery domestic violence and failure to report child abuse.”
They were all booked into Hillsborough County Jail and were being held without bond. Fox 13 reported that the three could face deportation back to India. Gaind and her infant were put in a safe place, the sheriff’s office said.

Source: The United States Illegal Alien Crime Report
Is an excellent source of information on the subject with archives back to 2014.

Did Out-of-State Voters Changed the Outcome of the New Hampshire U.S. Senate Race — Ares and Athena

The lack of integrity in the electoral process is disgusting. Fraud, threats, bribery, manipulation of the count, and many other forms of chicanery soil the system. The good guys only win in a landslide, but such is rare. Typically, the votes are close enough that they can be “rearranged” toward a desired outcome. The post […]

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For the sake of our collective sanity, let’s take a levity break!


Yes, this piece does hawk these T shirts, but it also reflects the inane straw grasping leftist and MSM attempts to marginalize anything positive done by either Trump or Melania.
As usual, their attempts backfired and, as this post shows, brought on a new industry for the expression of contempt and satirization.

Melania’s Shoes:

This image first appeared on another thread, Melania Trump denounced by Vogue fashion editor. Due to an overwhelming positive response on social media, we have set up T-shirts with this design for online purchase. Customers have the ability to change shirt styles and colors, but please choose the lighter ones because the grays in the picture may not work well against darker backgrounds.

Click on any of these stores.


Q: Why three online stores?

A: Our designs are often being censored and removed by corporate SJWs, so the more stores we have, the bigger the fighting chance for some of these designs to survive the SJW purges.

Q: What does this picture mean?

A: Some comments on FB and Twitter show that not everyone gets the humor. At the risk of ruining the joke by explaining it, here’s a blanket clarification.

Remember the 300 Spartans? When Xerxes, king of Persia, demanded that the Spartans surrender their weapons, King Leonidas responded, “Come and take them” (“μολὼν λαβέ” in Greek), meaning that Xerxes could only pry them from his cold, dead hands – but at a high cost to the Persian army.

Today these words have become an unofficial slogan for the defenders of the 2nd Amendment – both the Greek and the English versions.

Correction, it is Greek for come and take them. (comment mine)

In a comical twist, after the fake news media trashed Melania Trump for wearing stilettos on a flight to Texas during Hurricane Harvey, she stubbornly wore the same stilettos on her second trip, showing her spirit of a fighter. It’s as if she was saying, “In your face, fake news media! You can only pry them from my cold, dead feet!”

Q: Why are all these T-shirts made for women and none for men?

A: That’s sexist!

If one needs a good laugh, continue here for more hilarious pictures and text from the article in this satirical website

AntiFa Democrat threatens to kidnap GOP Senator’s daughter because DACA

AntiFa Democrat threatens to kidnap GOP Senator's daughter because DACA

Radecki is also BBFs it seems with Dick Durbin and nut job Al Franken, two Democrat Senators. Have you heard either one of these clowns denounce Simon Radecki? Of course not, because this is what they support.

Pat Toomey isn’t exactly high on my like list of Republican Senators. Regardless when an AntiFA Democrat terrorist Simon Radecki threatens to kidnap his daughter on live TV because of Toomey’s stance on DACA, then I draw the line. I would feel the same way if this or another AntiFA Democrat terrorist Simon Radecki threatened John McCain or Jeff the Flake. Simon Radecki has since been arrested for his threats against Toomey and his daughter, yet none of the national media seems to find any interest in covering this story.

Source:  Pacific Pundit

also, Man arrested for asking ‘threatening’ question at GOP senator’s town hall

The Enemy Within Exposed but Remains Highly Dangerous-America Must Remain Alert

Protesters or Terrorists?

The following article reflects the views that many sane people had from the beginning regarding Antifa as well as other so-called protesters who resort to violence.
The world as a whole has been slow to see behind their masks largely due to the fake news regarding  who they really are, paid and often clueless recruits led by hard core seditionists and financed by ole George.
Charlottesville was supposed to be the nail in the conservative/pro-Trump coffin. In the immediate moment, it worked; however, the ever lurking internal enemy of many movements, over reach, inserted itself in Berklely.
Non-violent Conservatives cancelled their demonstration because they knew that Antifa would violently disrupt it. Only a handful of the brave, showed up, and the nation saw them chased, beaten and threatened. Reporters were also threatened for filming the violence, and the police were  attacked with bags of urine and feces.
To most Americans,  that little spectacle was the nail in the coffin of Antifa and its havoc wreaking allies.
These people are now exposed for what they are–terrorists. Even the perceived Queen of the Oort cloud, Nancy Pelosi, came out and recognized them as such.
America is not out of the woods of potential anarchy and chaos yet. However, at least some sun is peeking  through the canopy of newsspeak and doublethink.
Nonetheless, there remains a considerable number of useful idiots/colluders who will attempt to continue the elitist agenda.

Berkeley Mayor’s Dangerous Appeasement of Domestic Terrorists 
09/04/2017 / By admin
The world is slowly but surely coming awake to the threat of left-wing violence – a species of anti-free speech, anti-democratic domestic terrorism that goes under the misleading moniker, Antifa. These cretins position themselves as “anti-fascists” while using every tactic at their disposal to shut down the very freedoms they claim to represent. Because of course these nuts don’t care a whit about “freedom.” In fact, they see it as a barrier to “social justice” and a false god propagated by white supremacists (aka conservatives) to keep minorities (aka, anyone who isn’t a white conservative) mired in oppression. And thus, they see their cause – to shut down the speech of anyone who disagrees – as a morally righteous crusade.
It took far too long, but liberals are beginning to recognize the threat that’s been growing in their own backyard.
Unfortunately, they’re still liberals. And that means we can count on them to take the exact wrong approach to solving the problem. Case in point: Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin.

This week, Arreguin said that he was so distressed about the possibility of Antifa violence at a Milo Yiannopoulos speech planned at UC Berkeley that he was advising the school to cancel it.
“I’m very concerned about Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter and some of these other right-wing speakers coming to the Berkeley campus, because it’s just a target for black bloc to come out and commit mayhem on the Berkeley campus and have that potentially spill out on the street,” Arreguin said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.
“I obviously believe in freedom of speech, but there is a line between freedom of speech and then posing a risk to public safety,” Arreguin continued. “That is where we have to really be very careful — that while protecting people’s free-speech rights, we are not putting our citizens in a potentially dangerous situation and costing the city hundreds of thousands of dollars fixing the windows of businesses.”
Absolutely asinine. While he’s not wrong about the danger posed by these left-wing anarchists – the scene he describes will almost certainly play out to one degree or another – his advice is a frightening betrayal of the free speech values he claims to hold so dearly.
If one small group of Antifa nutjobs are able to shut down conservative speakers by threatening violence, then we don’t truly HAVE a free society, now do we? This is the very essence of fascism, in fact, and it’s incumbent on the MAYOR to make sure law enforcement is on the scene to stop this violence before it occurs. And to arrest and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any domestic terrorists who choose to create mayhem.

Source: Total Conservative

Finally, the truth is out! Why Islamist leaders muzzle their true position on a hot social issue

Pigs do fly! Finally, some Islamist leaders admit that they NEED the left. And the more militant left remains either largely clueless or complicit in this deceit. Many lefties do not really care, either they just want the U.S. to be destroyed or they are paid agitators with no guiding principles or views.

However, there are a significant number of Left leaning dissenters who do not have a violent view of how America should be changed. They do repudiate violence as well as discrimination of any group, including gays.

By using paid minions and out right thugs to disrupt and intimidate the opposition, the anarchist wing of the Democrat party serves neither the more sane dissenting groups nor the nation well at all.

Why Muslim Leaders SILENT on Gay Marriage: “If we come out with our opinion then the left may abandon us”
They understand the war better than the kuffar. The left has been doing their dirty work for well over a decade now. Why agitate the agitators and knaves doing the heavy lifting in the spread of Islam and sharia? When the time comes, the left will be dealt with in much the same manner as the rest of the unbelievers.


Muslim leaders shut up about gay marriage.

It’s all tribal, you see. It’s not about principle:

Ali Kadri, spokesman for the Islamic Council of Queensland and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said his community was stuck with the choice of offending allies or siding with critics, and the result had been silence.

“Unfortunately, in the current climate, the right and conservative side has attacked Muslims as terrorists and extremists, and naturally the left side has been allies in defending us for a long period of time,” he said.

“We are afraid if we come out with our opinion then the left may abandon us for going against their view and we can’t be friendly with the conservatives because they have been bashing us for 15, 20 years every chance they get … and that includes some Christian sects as well.”   

Source:  The Geller Report